About Us

Сell phone spy software follow several important soft principles while testing cell phone spy applications:
  • Spying software needs to be high-quality and secure providing users with an all-inclusive set of spying tools.
  • Monitoring software is not just a way to spy on your child. This is the most reliable and effective tool to provide your child with a high level of cyber security.
  • While testing cell phone spy software, a marketing team researches a current market and find out all the complaints of the customers on parental control software. In order to choose top-notch spying apps, we try to concern all the complaints and wishes of our target audience.
  • Every day our testers and analysts try to improve their testing and analytic skills in order to cover all the demands of our target audience.
  • Creativity, security, reliability, multifunctionality, and flexibility – these are five key principles that top grade phone spy software needs to follow.

What we recommend our customers

Сell-phone-spy-software.net is a testing cell phone spy software company that recommends customers to pay attention to the most important benefits of top grade spying solutions:
  • compatibility with Android/ iOS;
  • monitoring without jailbreaking and rooting;
  • easy installation;
  • live 24/7 support;
  • a wide range of analysis tools;
  • easy-to-use interactive dashboard;
  • social networks monitoring;
  • a keylogger that allows monitoring all the manipulations of the target person on the screen and sending instant logs;
  • recording calls;
  • tracking GPS location and geofencing.

How was an idea to create a spy software testing company born?

It all started with the fact that I suspected my spouse of cheating. We lived with my wife for 10 years and then I noticed that my wife started to have strange behavior. She started to spend a lot of time with her “best friend from childhood” whom I never met before. One day I woke up and asked her to give me her smartphone in order to see the time. She gave me a device. When I took it in my hands, WhatApp chat opened and I saw incoming naked photos of her “best friend from childhood”. At that moment, I guessed what “best friend from childhood” meant. I was really shocked. When I started to demand her to explain to me the situation, she didn’t want to talk to me. After that, I started monitoring the Internet in order to find the best spy app that would help me control my wife, but I didn’t find a suitable option for me. Neither of them didn’t contain an all-inclusive set of spying tools that would satisfy me completely. Therefore, I decided to develop my own monitoring app in order to spy on my cheating wife. This incident became a significant impulse to test spying apps in order to help people catch a cheater without waiting for total disappointment. And I started thinking of the launch of my own software testing company that would help people choose top-grade spying software solutions. Whom our testing solutions are targeted to:
  • companies and businesses who want to monitor their employees;
  • people suspecting their spouses of cheating;
  • parents who want to prevent their children from danger and inappropriate content.

Why do you need to choose us?

There are several main reasons for choosing our monitoring software company among others:
  • We offer our customers an individual approach to the development of spying software.
  • We focus on testing of parental control software that satisfies all the demands of our customers, not on advertising and promoting our products as a huge number of popular brands do.
  • We research the spying software market in order to specify which disadvantages and bugs existing monitoring software has and how this can be used in the development of applications.
  • Our testing team consists of well-qualified professionals who upgrade their skills day by day.
  • We provide our customers with live 24/7 support in order to consult our clients on how to use spying software in the most efficient way.
All these benefits and possibilities allow our company to obtain a leading position in the market of software testing solutions. If you want to protect your children from harmful or inappropriate content or suspect your spouse of cheating, contact us right now! We help you build your secure life.